The 3pt ripper is a must for loosening up soil compaction for better root penetration and water drainage. Avalable in 6,7 or 8 shank.


- 18in Notched disc blades.

- Angled Disc blades.

- Ability to adjust disc blade pitch.

- Sealed bearings.

- Cultipacker option.

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What sets us apart?

- Our overall finish is the best in the business.

- Only company in the industry that reassembles each planter with all new hardware.

- End caps to make the planter more complete.

- Longer lift arms for a higher lift.

-Adjustable transmission.


- Heavy duty rigid Frame.

- 3pt Quick attach ready.

- 9.5 and 15 Inch wheels.

- Greaseable Bearings .

3Pt Ripper

3Pt/Pull Type Cultipackers


- Plants Corn, Soybeans, sunflowers

pumpkins, milo and more.

- 30 Inch row spacing.

-Adjustable Transmission

-No Till is a option. (+500$)

-Fertilizer is a option (+600$)

Our 3pt and pull type cultipackers are built with pride. Pick your size from 4Ft on up! Our Cultipackers are almost double the weight of our leading competitors. When it comes to cultipacking weight is your best friend for getting seed into the soil.

2 Row 3Pt Planters

What sets us apart?

- Sleek rigid design.

- Pitched disc blades.

- Adjustable disc pitch.

- Culitpacker option.


- Avalable in 6,7,8 shank.

- Quick attach ready.

- Breaks up compaction below. seed bed.

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Jefferson, WI

The Dominator Speaks for itself. The Rigid and sleek design sets it apart from its competitors. But it doesn't stop there. Its performance is Grade A in any type of soil condition you throw at it. With pitched disc blades and the ability to adjust the angle you can cut through the toughest of soil conditions. With the option of the firming wheels in the back you can disc and firm the seed bed all in one quick pass.

3Pt Disc (The Dominator)

What sets us apart?

- Almost double the weight of our competitors.

- Quick attach capability.

- Built with Pride and ALL USA parts.

Our two row corn planters are all 3 point mount. We start out with a 3/8 thick tool bar. We weld end caps on to give the planter more of a finish. Our mounting arms are dropped several inches lower than our competitors. That gives us more lift height. We start with a full restoration on the planter. Units get stripped and re painted. Once Paint has cured we reassemble. starting with all new nuts, bolts, washers, bushing, chains, sprockets and more. We offer No till and Fertilizer as an option. Adjustable Transmission.